One of our objectives is the organization or participation in the traditional boat regattas in which we can show all types of hulls built for Greek waters. Through these events we make it possible for young people who love sailing to participate and learn the unique skills of their ancestors. Such events keep alive the interest in traditional vessels and help their conservation and preservation. They also reinforce the work of small regional boatyards which are threatened with extinction.


We have been holding regular gatherings of traditional boats. We hope that through these events we will make known the beauty of these hulls which fit so well the Greek seascape for which they were built many centuries ago. Such gatherings take place in different parts of the country with different participants in each case.


We have begun to record the remaining important traditional hulls and to classify these according to their type and basic characteristics. We plan to do the same for all the traditional shipyards, which should be responsible from now on to inform us about any new building.
It would be useful if we can also be informed about refits and major repairs of traditional craft so we can update our records. Such archives could eventually serve as a guide for the government certification of what is an authentic traditional hull