5 – 8 OCTOBER 2017


The Traditional Boat Show started in 2013 in our effort to present to the wider public traditional boats  from different parts of the country. We believed that in this way we could show the beauty of Greek traditional boat building and help preserve our maritime heritage.

The boat show, has now become an annual celebration of great success. More people have become aware of the uniqueness of these vessels and as a result some of them have been restored and salvaged.

We hope that this revival of interest in our maritime and cultural tradition will continue.


The fifth Traditional Boat show will take place in Poros from October 5th thru October 8th, 2017. It is organized by the Traditional Boat Association of Greece , the Municipality of Poros and the Municipal Port Authority of Poros. Traditional boats, (kaikia, small boats, fishing boats) will be berthed in the port of Poros and will be on view for all those who will want to see them and admire them from up close. The main objective of this annual event is to make the wider public and the government sensitive to the beauty and the rarity of these vessels which are threatened by extinction. We hope that in this way we will help to preserve the wooden boatbuilding tradition which is synonymous with our maritime heritage.

This event is part of the efforts by our Association to stop the senseless destruction of old traditional boats.